The list of our Speciality Products.

We specialize in tweaking the products acording to your needs


  • Products - Over 250 specially formulated products for diverse industrial applications.
  • Quality Quality department ensures ISO 9001 - 2000 qualification.
  • Manufacturing - Modern, well established production facility that gives consistent product quality at every level of manufacturing.
  • Technical Service Laboratory - Laboratory technicians conduct diverse testing. Simulates production conditions and recommends exact requirement.
  • R & D - A team of professionals continuously search for technology development.
  • Field Support - Technical service representatives are available to assist customers. R&D chemists also visit customers to fully understand their needs.
  • Customers Service - Customer service department prides itself in expediting orders without any time delay.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental assistance is available to customers small and large.

    Our Products

    • Metaclean

      Alkali, emulsion, emulsifiable and acid based metal cleaners, pre-degreasers and degreasers for iron and steel, zinc coated steel and aluminum. Used in either spray or immersion processing plants.

    • Derustine

      Inhibited acid based derusting chemicals for removal of rust and corrosion products from iron, steel and other metals. Excellent results, low consumption, safe to handle and use.

    • Refine

      Surface conditioning, activation rinse prior to zinc phosphate and manganese phosphate coatings. Very low concentrations. Used either in spray or immersion plants.

    • Phosbond

      Complete range of iron, zinc and tri-cation phosphate coatings for ferrous and multi metal substrates. Superior paint bonding and corrosion resistance. Low concentrations and easy to control.

      Cleaner coaters and coaters - iron phosphate range

      Modified zinc phosphates for diverse applications

      Zinc basis trication phosphate coating technologies for excellent results

    • Passtreat

      Chromate and non-chromate final acidulated passivation rinses for chemical conversion coatings. Seals and improves corrosion resistance at low concentrations.

    • Metacid

      Acid cleaning-etch, deoxidation of aluminum partition sections and sheet metal components. Gives excellent base for chromate conversion coatings and improves anchoring of powder coatings and paints.

    • Alubond

      Entire range of chromate and non-chromate conversion coatings.

      - Golden yellow chromium oxides
      - Bluish-green chromium phosphates
      - Colorless chromate and non-chromates

    • Passtreat Z series

      No rinse dry-in-place chromate and non-chromate pasivation chemicals for zinc coated steel. Prevents white rust development in transit and storage. Low concentration, can be over painted in continuous painting lines.

    • Alubond 6000 series

      No rinse dry-in-place chromate and non-chromate pretreatments for multi-metals, coil and pipe coating. Excellent bonding and corrosion resistance for single, multi layer paints and fusion bonded epoxies.

    • Phosbond X series

      Complete range of processes that makes possible, cold mechanical extrusion through refined zinc phosphate coatings:

      - Wire and tube drawing of low and high carbon steel
      - Cold heading operations.
      - Deep drawing and pressing.
      - Reactive fatty acid based soapy lubricants for heavy drawing and pressing operations.

    • Phoslube

      Wide range of products for precision parts that demands manganese iron phosphates for:

      - Excellent oil retention properties for rust proofing.
      - Reduces wear and extends the life of moving bearing steel surfaces.

    • Rustin

      Dewatering and rust preventive oils for short and long term rust protection of iron and steel. Aqueous based corrosion preventives for temprory intermediate protection.

    • Stripper

      Rapid removal of paints and powder coatings from steel, zinc and aluminum. Easy to handle. Immersion or bush application.

    • Metox

      Detackifiers for water curtain paint booths. Denatures the paints and prevents clogging of water drainage system and pumps.

    • Ancillary Product

      Complete range of speciality additives like Defoamers, Rinse water addtives, Acid inhibitors, Foaming compounds, Neutralisers, Bottle cleaners and Chain lubricants, effluent treatment chemicals, Metalworking fluids etc.

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