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Products include pretreatment before painting and powder coating, corrosion proofing, lubrication and speciality chemicals for every requirement. Products have been improved for excellent performance in any working environment and exceed the specific customer requirement. Apart from 250 generalized products we have several speciality ranges. Our Research and Development department continuously develops new state-of-the-art technologies and assist our technical service staff during customer process recommendations.

Value is what really counts to customers. One of our greatest challenges is to teach more customers that the price per kg/ltr is not the best measure for value.

  • How much area will the product cover
  • How long the working solutions run without problems
  • Can they be checked by simple laboratory analysis
  • Is the service provided satisfactory
  • The answers to these questions determine value.

    Highly dedicated in every job

    Service means we listen carefully to what you say and do exactly what is needed. Education in product usage is a primary responsibility for our people. You expect us to be experts of this field and we are We sell you more than a can of chemical. You also get our knowledge and genuine interest in getting your job done right. We do not make promises that we do not expect to keep.

    Any company can say these things. Our growth and reputation depends on backing them up with results that prove our product quality and our commitment to service. You will find that we are ready to do that. You can depend on us when you need help.


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